Lookeen as Coveo Alternative

In addition to a Windows server, a hard drive with at least 300 GB of space is needed for the index (data for up to 5 million documents). With another 150 GB of disk space, the index gets even more space and can thus provide more recent results, but overall Coveo offers no real real-time indexing. If you want to search all the data in real-time and also put less effort into resource deployment, one should look at the Coveo alternative - Lookeen for more speed and accuracy. If you are looking for an alternative to Coveo, take a look at this comparison chart:

Advanced search
Federated search
Wildcard search
Range search
GPO compliant
Shared Index
Edit in Preview
Outlook Integration
Forced cache mode
Archived files
Real-time indexing
Free Version
Network search
Citrix and VMware compatible
Results Preview
PlatformServerPC, Server available
Version Number7.0.771110.0.1.5892
Installation size300 GB79 MB

Coveo Pros

  • Lotus Notes indexing
  • Sharepoint search
  • Salesforce compatibility

Coveo Cons

  • No real-time indexing
  • No Search-as-you-type
  • Installation size

Lookeen Advantages

  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Edit in Preview
  • Search archived files
  • Free Version

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