FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

All the information about the new upgrade: Lookeen 12 is here!

Please note: If you already own a valid Lookeen v10 license please visit our Upgrade Center.

After the installation of Lookeen version 12, a new index will be built.

The latest version of Lookeen Desktop Search is easy to find in the download section of our shop. Please read the following when purchasing a new license:
  • 1. You have a License Key for version 10 (or older):
    For further Information, please visit our Upgrade Center.
  • 2. For new customers: I have installed Lookeen 12, but I don’t have a license. What should I do?
  • You can buy a license directly from our shop.

Yes, you can easily download and install Lookeen Desktop Search and try the full version free for 14 days. If you like Lookeen 12, please visit our Upgrade Center for further Information. If you decide that you would like to continue using the old 10 version, you can download it here.

First you need to uninstall the old version:
  • 1. Close Outlook® and uninstall Lookeen in your Control PanelPrograms and functions.
  • 2. Delete the folder “Lookeen” in C:Users[Your username]AppDataLocal
  • 3. In C:Progam Files (on 32 bit systems) or C:Program Files(x86) (on 64 bit systems) -> delete the folder “Axonic” (If you set a different installation path, you will find the folder “Axonic” there).
  • 4. Go to your folder “My Documents” and delete the folder “Addin Express” (if there is such a folder). After the old version has been uninstalled, double click the Lookeen Desktop Search installation file and follow the instructions. You can download Lookeen Desktop Search here.

The licenses for Lookeen 10 are not compatible with Lookeen 12. Please purchase a valid license for Lookeen 12 in our Upgrade Center.

Download Lookeen Desktop Search via our download center. We offer a 14 day trial period so you can be sure that you want Lookeen Desktop Search before you purchase a license. After the 14 day trial period however, you’ll have to purchase a license for Lookeen Desktop Search. If you’d like to purchase a license before the trial period is over, you can buy one in our Lookeen shop.

If you purchased a license for Lookeen 10, please visit our Upgrade Center for further information.

This information is attached to your bill. The file attached is named key.htm and can be opened with any Internet Browser –> simply re-enter the license name and license key.

There are several possible causes: 1. You made a mistake when entering the license information or added an extra space. It is important that you enter both the License Name and the License Key correctly. Both have to be entered exactly as you find them on your sales receipt. The file attached is named key.htm and can be opened with any Internet Browser –> simply re-enter the license name and license key. 2. When you enter your license key, it still doesn’t work… Please contact our support team, they will be more than happy to assist you: support@lookeen.com.

If you enter this code on our web shop page in the field “Your Coupon Code” and click “Update”, your discounted invoice price will be recalculated automatically.

We apologize for the inconvenience! Share-it had some brief technical problems with the key generator. This has now been fixed. Please send your Share-it purchase confirmation to processing@Share-it.com with a request for another key. Share-it will send you a new key.

These are some of the advantages of Lookeen Desktop Search:
  • - Lookeen is now a complete desktop search solution that can be independently operated without Outlook
  • - Improved preview: documents like .pdf, .docx, and .xlsx are displayed like in the corresponding application
  • - Documents can be edited and saved in the Lookeen preview window
  • - Improved wildcard functionality and filters to quickly reach better results
  • - Search-As-You-Type: Lookeen Desktop Search starts searching while the search term is being typed
  • - New shortcut Ctrl, Ctrl opens the Lookeen Desktop Search window from everywhere within Windows Lookeen Desktop Search is already compatible with the currently available beta versions of Windows 10! Our aim is also to be compatible with the future final release of Windows 10.

No further updates are planned for version 10. Lookeen 12 is fully developed after numerous updates. The version history can be found here.

You have two choices:
  • 1. In the popup informing you of the upgrade, there is the option to put a checkmark next to “Do not show this message”. That will block the popup from appearing when you start Outlook.
  • 2. In Lookeen Options under the “System” tab, you can deselect “Check for Updates”. This means that when you start Outlook, you’ll no longer be advised of available upgrades.

General Information:

Yes, you can download the PDF version of the manual for Lookeen 12 here.The manual for Lookeen 10 is available as PDF here.

Yes, you can download it here. A marketing information sheet regarding desktop search is available here and a marketing information sheet regarding Outlook search is available here.

Lookout was bought by Microsoft in 2004 (Cnet).

The Lookeen Server is mainly addressed to companies who would like to provide centrally stored indexes for mailboxes, public folders and the file system. User access control to the index is provided through Exchange® and Windows access rights. For more information please visit lookeen-server.com.

The traditional search functions of Windows and Outlook® are highly overburdened. Furthermore you lose time and hardly – or only with great effort – get a useful result.

The biggest advantage: Lightning fast search for e-mails and files in all stores. Traditional search operations of Windows and Outlook® are highly overburdened. Lookeen Desktop Search reduces the required time for desktop searches and organizing and filing of Outlook® items! You can find correspondence with people and groups on a single click!

Lookeen is a complete desktop search solution which also integrates itself as an add-in in Outlook®. Lookeen Desktop Search can improve your productivity with its lightning fast search for e-mails and files in all stores. On demand you will get an overview of your communication, contacts and dates. You will save time and, most importantly, money, as engaging in time-consuming searches becomes a ghost of the past.

Yes, our team will be available 24 hours a day via a support form in our support area. In most cases it is useful for our support team, if you send us an actual logfile of your Lookeen system. On the Lookeen menu bar go to “Help”->”Send report…” and explain your problem as detailed as possible. Screenshots are also helpful to find the cause of your problem. Please do not forget to describe how your problem can be reproduced.

No, all Outlook® functionality remains of course. Nevertheless, you will experience Outlook® in a totally new way! The Lookeen Desktop Search toolbar will appear above the Outlook® toolbar and a Lookeen tab will be added to the Outlook® ribbon.

So far, we don’t know, but it seems very unlikely.

In contrast to Lookeen Desktop Search, the out dated search tool “Lookout” is available only on Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003 and XP.

No, the index process is very fast. If you e.g. reinstall your system, just start a new index. A backup is not required. If you would like to backup your Index anyway, proceed in the following way:

Open an Explorer-Window. Go to “Tool” -> “Folder options…” -> Tab “View” and choose the option “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”. Now go to C:Users[YOUR PROFILE NAME]AppDataLocalLookeen[YOUR OUTLOOK PROFILE] Back up the folder “Index” and paste it to the same location when necessary.

Of course system administrators can provide Lookeen companywide with GPO´s. Therefore we have our own GPO´s which we gladly provide for you. You can get an ADM-File from us which you can easily adjust for your company. You can find more information in our GPO-Guide for Lookeen 12. The GPO-Guide for Lookeen 10 is still available here.

We would much appreciate it if you offer Lookeen to your customers too. To become a reseller or if you have questions about our partnerships, please contact sales@lookeen.com.

We decided to limit our services to the commercial version of Lookeen to offer our customers the best possible service.

System Requirements:

Yes, of course. You’ll find a detailled overview of all system requirements right here:

IBM or a compatible Pentium® (700 MHz or higher), 512 MB RAM or higher, 100 MB hard disk space for installation, SVGA 800×600 with 256 colors (1024 x 768 with 16-Bit is recommended).

Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, .NET Framework 4.0 or later required (Download here.) (Mobile versions of Windows OS are not supported)

Microsoft® Office® 365 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003
Microsoft® Outlook® 365 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003
Microsoft® Exchange® Server: 2013 / 2010 / 2007

Lookeen requires Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista. (Mobile versions of Windows OS are not supported)

Lookeen Desktop Search may be used with the following: Microsoft® Office 365, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. All these Office packages contain Outlook®.

Yes, .Net 4.0 or higher from Microsoft® must be installed on your PC. Net framework is a technology to make software work on Microsoft® systems. In most cases .Net 4.0 is already installed on PCs. If not, you can download it here.

No incompatibilities with other Outlook® Add-Ins are known so far. If questions arise, please refer to our support area.

IBM or a compatible Pentium® (700 MHz or higher), 512 MB RAM or higher, 100 MB hard disk space for installation, SVGA 800×600 with 256 colors (1024 x 768 with 16-Bit is recommended).

Yes, Lookeen runs smoothly with Citrix® and terminal server.

Yes, Lookeen is ready for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Yes, Lookeen is fully compatible to any Microsoft® based x64 operating system.

Technical Details:

The Lookeen license model is a so called named-user-model. This means that you need a license for every employee who works with Lookeen on the Terminal Server. After that, Lookeen works for the licensed employee on any number of terminals

Yes. Picture files (e.g. .jpg or .bmp) are indexed by their names. Those can be previewed in the Lookeen preview window.

Lookeen Desktop search supports “roaming user profiles”. Therefore you have to take some specific settings in your registry. If you have further questions or if you need help with you configuration, just email us at sales@lookeen.com.

Lookeen supports all operating modes and all network states of the Exchange® Server. Furthermore we deliver all GPO´s if requested, so you can configure the settings for each mode. You can find more information in our GPO-Guide for Lookeen 12 or GPO-Guide for Lookeen 10.

The Index of Lookeen is not restricted and it even indexes stores with Terabytes of data.

In general we recommend to back up your existing data regularly, even if do not use Lookeen . If you use Outlook® 2003 or 2007 please follow this Microsoft hint to back up your personal folders correctly. It is possible to get the PFBackup tool working within Outlook® 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 too. Please refer to the following page.

If you do not know how to do this, please consult your system administrator.

On some older computers, the operating system cannot revise the main memory in an appropriate way. If you have the problem that your main memory is heavily used by the OUTLOOK.exe, activate this option, so that Lookeen can revise your main memory which is not needed any longer.

It will be put into the user’s local application directory.

No. Lookeen Desktop Search does not store emails or files nor does it upload them to an internet storage or backup server.

To authenticate your Lookeen Desktop Search license the license information and your Windows and Outlook® version will be sent to our licensing server. All other data, e-mail content, e-mails, attachments or other analytics will NOT be sent.

Registration & Installation:

Purchasing a lifetime license for any Lookeen product entitles you to use the Lookeen product for which the license was purchased forever. It also entitles you to free updates to that product for as long as we continue to develop it (eg. versions 8.X to 8.Y).

A lifetime license does not entitle you to receive a free license for any new Lookeen products. Any upgrade that requires a new license key to be purchased is considered a new product.

For example, just as owning valid TeamViewer 10 license does not entitle you to a free copy of TeamViewer 11, a valid license for Lookeen 10 does not entitle you to receive a free license for Lookeen 12.

If you need an MSI file for your installation, please contact us here.

Lookeen Business and Enterprise Editions provide the possibility to disable Lookeen via a group policy (GPO). By applying this GPO to certain users or user groups you can prevent those from using Lookeen or you can set exceptions from the GPO to restrict the use of Lookeen to certain users or user groups.

Installing Lookeen using the .exe installer, a silent installation can be triggered by invoking the parameters

Lookeen[].exe /silent or /verysilent

This is particularly helpful when deploying Lookeen to several users as no further input is required.

The operator /silent will hide the Lookeen Wizard but still display installation progress, whereas /verysilent will hide these windows altogether.

Further information on these parameters as well as a few others can be found here: http://unattended.sourceforge.net/InnoSetup_Switches_ExitCodes.html.

Please contact our distribution partner Share-it! and enter your password and key in “My Account”. You can also directly send an e-mail directly to the Customer Care Center http://www.shareit.com/ccc/. There your questions will be answered and via the function “Submit question” you can reclaim your key. You may even send them an email directly.

In the Lookeen Desktop Search window you will find a “?” entry in the menu. Click on ‘About’. The Lookeen version number will then appear in the window.

No, reinstall Lookeen Desktop Search again and enter the key code you were given by Share-it!.

No, of course not. You will just have to reinstall Lookeen and re-enter the key code you were given by Share-it!. Before you switch your OS, please reset your license on the old system by klicking on “Reset license” on the “About” window from the help menu.

  • 1. Close Outlook® and Lookeen and uninstall Lookeen in your Control Panel –> Options –>Programs and functions.
  • 2. Delete the folder “Lookeen” in C:Users[Your username]AppDataLocal
  • 3. In C:Progam Files (on 32 bit systems) or C:Program Files(x86) (on 64 bit systems) -> delete the folder “Axonic” (If you set a different installation path, you will find the folder “Axonic” there).
  • 4. Go to your folder “My Documents” and delete the folder “Addin Express” (if there is such a folder).

Informations about the prices you can find in our shop. For companies we offer special volume licenses, feel free to contact us: sales@lookeen.com.

No, Lookeen Desktop Search is currently only available online as download.

Share-it! will send you an e-mail which contains a key code and your license name. You now have to enter the key code and the license name on “Register” in the Lookeen Help-Menu. After confirming it you will be able to use Lookeen Desktop Search without any limit.

Our distribution partner Share-it! gives you the option of paying either by credit card, bank transfer, check, cash or invoice (only for business customers). Share-it! accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Solo and Switch/Maestro (only if issued in the UK).

You can buy Lookeen Desktop Search when you follow the instructions on our shop site. If you have decided not to do so, you can uninstall it.

For 14 days you can use and test Lookeen for free – we are convinced by our product and this way we give you the chance to test Lookeen with all its functions. You will soon dislike working without Lookeen. After your trial version has expired, you either can buy Lookeen here or uninstall it.

Yes. You can do that using a parameter following these instructions for unattended or silent installation.

After installing Lookeen Desktop Search, a setup program of Lookeen will open automatically. After the setup has been completed, you can use all the features of the Lookeen Desktop Search and the Outlook® add-in.

In the Group Policy Editor, right-click on “Administrative Templates” and choose “Filtering…”. Deactivate “Only show policy settings that can be fully managed” in the following dialog. Now you should see the entries. Also view our GPO-Guide for Lookeen 12 or GPO-Guide for Lookeen 10 for more information.

If you have any queries please contact our distribution partner Share-it! directly. At the Customer Care Center you will find answers to most of your questions and you can also ask the Share-it! team personally or contact them via e-mail: processing@shareit.com.

No, you can also install the EXE following these instructions for unattended or silent installation.

You can find detailed instructions about the installation in our download area.

According to our EULA you are allowed to install and execute one (1) copy of the Software on one (1) computer that is utilized to access one (1) Licensee’s email account. This means that you can use your license on only one computer.

Setup & Usage:

Yes you can: During the installation you have the possibility to choose whether you want to install Lookeen as a pure Outlook® plugin. Just enable the according option on the setup screen.

If you chose to install Lookeen as complete desktop search (by not enabling this option) and want to change this after installation you don’t need to reinstall Lookeen: Create an empty text file and name it olpluginonly.bin Make sure it is not named olpluginonly.bin.txt (on saving, choose “all files” as file type)! Then put this file into the installation directory of Lookeen (you need administrative rights for this). Close Lookeen and restart Outlook®. From now on, Lookeen will start and end together with Outlook® and you can’t run Lookeen standalone anymore, the functionality however won’t be affected in any way!

Of course those features are still included! Lookeen now displays all index sources on a single tab. In the options window on the index tab, click “Add Store” and in the next window, double click on the kind of archive you want to add. A Lookeen Shared Index as well as a Lookeen Server can be chosen here.

The Lookeen licensing depends on the amount of users and workstations. Please have a look at the EULA for details.

Sure. On the Options tab “Index Schedule” you can specify, at which times you want to allow Lookeen to perform the indexing. If you need your full system resources at a given time you can also specify when Lookeen must not index.

You can certainly index all archives and file stores in one session – that’s no problem. It could take a while and sometimes your performance will be affected. In this case we recommend indexing your archives and file stores step by step.

Yes, you can. Lookeen Desktop Search remembers where you stopped and the next time you start the index again you don’t have to start from scratch!

Yes, please take a look at our help, section “Search Words & Query Syntax” – there you find all tips and tricks you need.

Yes, Lookeen supports the wildcards * and ?. * represents an arbitrary amount of characters whereas ? stands for a single character.

Lookeen Desktop Search features an integrated preview window. You can choose where you want to show the preview and several other settings as well. Thanks to the multiple highlighting your search terms will be colored differently in the preview.

In the pure text preview, the context menu is disabled for technical reasons. But you can select a part of the text and press Ctrl-C to copy it. In the preview modes “Show Original”, the context menu is available.

It is available in English and German. The default language is your default OS language. However, you are able to customize the language in: Options > System > Language.

  • 1. Outlook® 2003
    Only by editing the registry entry of the Outlook subkey or by uninstalling because it isn’t listed as an AddIn.
  • 2. Outlook® 2007
    Go to “Tools” in your Outlook® menu and then “Trust Center”. Within the Trust Center go to “Add-Ins” and “COM-Add-Ins” and disable Lookeen there.
  • 3. Outlook® 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365
    Go to “Options” in the file menu and switch to “Add-Ins”. Choose “Go to” while “COM Add-Ins” are selected and disable the Lookeen checkbox.

This way you can activate Lookeen Desktop Search again if you want to.

After installing Lookeen Desktop Search, you will be asked to go through the “Lookeen Wizard”. Only a few clicks are needed to configure Lookeen. Then your email archives and file stores will be indexed. Only after this has been finished, you will get really reliable search results with the Lookeen search.

Yes. Enter the desired search parameter and execute your search. After that go to the menu bar to “Favorites” -> ”Add favorite…”. Please see the section “Main Menu -> Favorites” in the Lookeen help for further details.

Here you will find the price list of Lookeen Desktop Search. For volume licenses we can make you a special offer. For that please refer to sales@lookeen.com.

To index categories of Outlook® items you have to activate this in the options. Go to “Options” -> ”Outlook” and activate “Index Outlook Categories”. After that you have to rebuild your index from scratch. With a right click in the search result window you can customize you columns and add “Categories” there.

Usually you have to. In the option tab “Index” you need to click “Add Store” and in the next window double click “Discover new Outlook® Archives”. Furthermore in “Options”->”Outlook®” you have the possibility to choose “Detect new Outlook® archives when Outlook® starts”. With this option, the new archives will be added automatically.

Known Cases:

This happens when you run Outlook® as administrator and Lookeen isn’t set up the same. Right click C:Program FilesAxonicLookeenLookeenDesktopSearch.exe (on 32 bit operating systems) or C:Program Files(x86)AxonicLookeenLookeenDesktopSearch64.exe (on 64 bit operating systems) and select Properties. On the compatibility tab check the “Run this program as an administrator” option.

This might be due to the fact that no UNC path has been set. If you choose an external index source, set this index not via local path (My computer) but rather via network (My network).

Important Advice: Lookeen saves no active directory rights or other access privileges in the generated indices. Adding a user to the shared Lookeen index allows the unrestricted search in this index. When the Outlook profile which creates the shared index has more rights as the user who adds this index, the user gets access to all files, maybe to files he doesn’t have the rights for. Please make sure whom you allow to search in which shared index and where you set your index path.
If you would like to create an index, where every indexed item is only accessible through Windows Access Rights, then the “Lookeen Server” is for you. Please write to us at: sales@lookeen-server.com.

This happens usually if you have a lot of hits. This is caused by the default settings which only show you the latest 5000 matches. You can change this limit in the options at the tab “Search”. You can also restrict your query with additional terms to make your search more efficient.

First, please uninstall Lookeen Desktop Search completely. Afterwards download the latest version here.

No. Lookeen Desktop Search saves the favorites as complex search queries. This means, that parameters like time-span or file extensions are also saved in the according favorite item.

Search with the term: xls instead of *.xls – now you can find the files easier. You can also use the extended search fields or expression search.
  • a) attachments: att:xls
  • b) files: fn:xls

Yes. Go in your search result window to “History”->”Clear history”.

Yes, .msg files are indexed per default.

For special, less frequently used attachments (in Outlook) or file formats (on your network / local), there isn’t a so called “iFilter” or it is not installed on your system. But you can add more attachments in the Lookeen Options tab and by selecting add “index details” and then restarting the index to index these as well. If you want to add other formats to be indexed, you need the suitable iFilter on your system – you can get it here.

This can have various reasons. Please open the Lookeen options and unselect the option “Index attachments” in the tab “Index details”. Is the indexer now running? It’s possible that you may either have a corrupted or unreadable attachment, which stops Lookeen to update or create its index.
  • 1. In most cases, it involves ‘PDF’ files that lead Windows 7 or 64bit systems specifically to crash.Install the free Adobe Reader from https://get.adobe.com/reader/ or alternatively for private users the PDFlib TET PDF IFilter at: http://www.pdflib.com/en/download/tet-pdf-ifilter/
  • 2. In some cases your .PST files are damaged, and you may consider using “scanpst.exe” to repair them. Further information can be found in the Microsoft knowledge base article.
  • 3. On older system it may further help to reduce Lookeen’s memory and CPU usage in the options:
    • a) “Index Details” tab – reduce the slider to like 20 – 30%
    • b) “System” tab – enable “Automatic cache-cleanup…”
  • 4. We have tested a program that performs daily PC maintenance and discards faulty registrations (for Outlook®) immediately. This led to disturbances in Lookeen and thus caused Outlook® to crash. After disabling the software, Lookeen now works without any problems.

In order to track moved or deleted emails, the origin- and the target folder have to be indexed. E.g. if you delete an email, the folder “Deleted Items” has to be in the index, too. If not, Lookeen is not able to know where the email goes to. Please check in Options>Index, if all affected folders (folders from or in which you are moving emails) are selected and in the index.
In some cases this can also be caused by interrupting the initial index, e.g. by abruptly closing Outlook® or crashes as well, so an item change can not be tracked and the linking is broken.
If you are searching for an item from a shared index, ensure that you have added the index as a UNC-path.

You need an iFilter to index the content.
Install the free Adobe Reader from https://get.adobe.com/reader/ or as an alternative for private users, the free PDFlib TET PDF IFilter http://www.pdflib.com/en/download/tet-pdf-ifilter/.

Please Note: You should delete the index after installation and recreate it, so that the content of PDF files will also be indexed.

If you don’t want to use Lookeen any more, please do the following: In the Outlook® 2003 toolbar select “ToolsOptionsOtherAdvanced Settings” and uncheck “Redemption Helper Outlook® Extension”. Please take a look at the “Vista/Office 2007″ FAQ section for the adequate hint.

In that case your trial version of Lookeen Desktop Search has expired. 14 days have passed. To buy Lookeen Desktop Search, click here and follow the instructions. If you do not wish to buy Lookeen Desktop Search – which we would regret very much – you can uninstall it.

  • 1. The system may have switched off the Lookeen Add-In. To activate it again, do the following:
    Outlook® 2003
    In the ? menu, choose Info and select “Deactivated Elements”. Activate Lookeen there.
    Outlook® 2007
    In the ? menu, select “Deactivated Elements”. Activate Lookeen there.
    Outlook® 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 365
    Go to File -> Options -> Add-Ins. On the drop down menu at the bottom, choose “Deactivated Elements” instead of “COM-Add-Ins” and click on “ Go to”. In the next window, select Lookeen and click on “Activate”.
  • 2. Maybe the system has switched off Lookeen in the Outlook® menu:
    Outlook® 2003/2007: Go to to “Extras” -> “Configure” and activate the Lookeen toolbar and/or tab again.
    Outlook® 2010/2013/2016/365: Go to File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon and activate the Lookeen toolbar and/or ribbon again.
  • 3. Finally you can run the diagnostic tool of Outlook®. Please go to Help -> “Office Diagnostics…” (Outlook® 2003) or “Start Diagnostics” (Outlook® 2007) and see if Lookeen is available again after this. Outlook® 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 do an automatic repair on start.

Lookeen Desktop Search remembers the last opened tab. If you had “Attachments” opened in your last search and the actual result has no matches in “Attachments, the tab “Attachments” is opened to you without any items.

Yes. Go to “Options”->”System” and activate “Do not index if one of these (slow) networks is active”. Enter all desired Networks into the “Blacklist”. If one of these networks is active, you will be warned before Lookeen indexes it.

Lookeen Desktop Search warns you, when an automatic indexing starts and a network on the Blacklist is active. But if you start the index manually, Lookeen assumes that you are aware of this fact.

Lookeen also indexes data which has been ported from Groupwise® to Exchange® Server. However some fields of the data can get lost during the porting. We have no influence on that.

To index the content of attachments and items like PDF-files, you need the according IFilter. For further information and links to the latest IFilter go to www.ifilter.org.

The User Account Control (UAC) can help prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. You will be asked for your permission when a task requires administrative rights, such as installing software or changing settings that affect other users. This may be the reason that you aren’t able to register Lookeen permanently. We don’t recommend turning off the User Account Control. If you turn it off, please turn it back on as soon as possible. Instead, change the control to “normal”
  • 1. Open User Accounts by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, and click on User Accounts and Family Safety, (or just User Accounts, if you are connected to a network domain).
  • 2. Click on “Change User Account Control settings”. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  • 3. Select the check box “Use User Account Control to help protect your computer”. Slide the slider to the 2nd from the bottom: “Standard – Notify me only when changes are made to the computer applications.” Then click OK.

  • 1. Sometimes you need to re-register Windows Installer (error code 2203): a) Press Starttaste+R to open the command prompt. Enter the following command and press the Enter key: msiexec /unregister b) Then register Windows Installer again by entering the following command, followed by Enter: msiexec /register
  • 2. In some cases you need to uninstall every “Windows Installer” version on your operating system and after that reinstall the Windows Installer 4.5 from here.

Office 2007:

In order to index the Office 2007 files, you have to do the following:
  • 1. Please check in Options>Preferences in “Files and attachments” if the needed files are listed. If not, add them manually, delete your index (in Options>Index) and rebuild the complete index.
  • 2. Please check if you have already installed the Office 2007 Service Pack 1 from Microsoft, if not, please download it from here.
  • 3. Please check whether you have already installed the latest iFilter Pack from Microsoft, if not, please download it from here.

Sometimes especially .docx files are not found anyway. Then go to your install folder (usually C:Program filesAxonicLookeen) and create a new text file. This file can be created without any content. Please name this file “docx.bin” and set up your index from the scratch.

"Please run the setup.exe as administrator (to do so use SHIFT+Rightclick –> Run as…). Then select “Remove”.

Please go in Outlook 2007 to: Tools>Trust Center>Add-ins. Switch from “COM Add-ins” to “Exchange Client Extensions” and press “Go”. Uncheck the checkbox at “Redemption Helper Outlook Extension”. Press “OK”.

  • 1. First possibility is that Lookeen is not activated in the Add-In Manager. To change this, go to “Trust Center” in the Outlook menu. Select “Add-ins”. Under “Inactive Application Add-ins”, you should be able to find a Lookeen entry here. Select this and click on “Go To”, tick the box next to Lookeen and click on OK. Lookeen is now among the “Active Applciations – Add ins.”
  • 2. Second possibility: click on “Help” in the Outlook 2007 toolbar and then check “Disabled Items” – Lookeen must be enabled!
  • 3. Third possibility: go to Tools>Customize>Toolbars and mark the checkbox “Axonic Lookeen”.
  • 4. Another possibility is that the “User Account Control” (UAC) is deactivated. Please switch this on. Go to Start/Run, and type in “msconfig”. Click on enter. In “Tools”, look for the option “Enable User Account Control.” Mark this and click on “launch”. You’ll need to restart your computer.
  • 5. Eventually you can run the diagnostic tool of Outlook. Please go to Help -> Office Diagnostics…

Please make sure before starting the installation that Outlook® has been completely closed (also check the task manager). In most cases, the error code 2869 no longer comes up when starting a Lookeen installation. If this was not the reason for not being able to install Lookeen, please try one of the following two solutions. Before starting to try the solutions given please check the following: Had the User account control been deactivated? Please activate this control by pressing Start and entering “UAC” into the search field. In the next window activate the UAC by setting the ruler to any setting but the lowest. After that you will have to restart your PC.
  • A 1. Try to uninstall the old Lookeen version (if not possible proceed with the point B)
  • 2. Delete the folder “Lookeen” in the directory C:Users[YOUR NAME]AppDataLocal (you have to enable in your Windows Explorer in Tools>Folder Options>View “Show hidden files and folders”!!)
  • 3. Delete the folder “Axonic” in directory C:Programs or in C:Program Files
  • 4. Start the Lookeen installation
  • B 1. try to delete Lookeen by following the steps described in solution A
  • 2. right-click on the setup.exe and select “Execute as administrator”


The PST file you’ve tried to index has to be repaired. Please use the tool “scanpst.exe” in order to repair your PST file – afterwards you’ll be able to index it with Lookeen Desktop Search.

The Shared Index feature is included with the Enterprise Edition of Lookeen desktop search and enables the user to add external index sources. Imagine you have archived several pst-files in the last years. There have been no changes made to these archives, but you still need information out of them. Another common case for using the Shared Index is when you need the information from one source distributed to several users. The Shared Index is a feature of Lookeen to index data centralized. Afterwards, an optional number of users can add this index to their index-sources and search through it – even open items from this source. This makes the Shared Index to a powerful feature that preserves your indexing efforts and your system resources. Here is an explanation, how to configure a Shared Index:
  • 1. Create a new Outlook® profile
  • 2. Start Outlook® with this new profile – this will be from now on your “Shared Index” creating/updating profile.
  • 3. Add to this Outlook® profile the stores and archives you seldom want to change, the Outlook® archives you’re not really working with – the typical old stuff, archives, etc.
  • 4. In the Lookeen options, add these stores with “Index>Add Store>Microsoft® Outlook® Archive” and index them.
  • 5. Please note the index path which is displayed in Options>Index Details.
  • 6. Now close this Shared Index profile and start Outlook® with your “working/recent” profile.
  • 7. Here you can close all old ones of these aforementioned archives in Outlook®.
  • 8. Now go to the Lookeen options, add the stores you want to index with that profile – the ones you use every day (e.g. your recent mailbox) and index them.
  • 9. Afterwards go to the tab “Shared Index” and just add the path to your index which you have created with the other profile – with just 2-3 clicks!
  • 10. Now you’re able to search in both indexes. You can open items you’ve found with Lookeen out of the shared index WITHOUT being forced to open the archive in Outlook® too!!!

Important Advice: Lookeen saves no active directory rights or other access privileges in the generated indices. Adding a user to the shared Lookeen index allows the unrestricted search in this index. When the Outlook profile which creates the shared index has more rights as the user who adds this index, the user gets access to all files, maybe to files he doesn’t have the rights for. Please make sure whom you allow to search in which shared index and where you set your index path.
If you would like to create an index, where every indexed item is only accessible through Windows Access Rights, then the “Lookeen Server” is for you. Please write to us at: sales@lookeen-server.com or visit www.lookeen-server.com for more information.

Yes. By sharing the Shared Indexes with certain users or user groups within Windows, you can specify easily who shall access your indexes.

Above the column “Archive” in the search window there’s a dropdown menu where you can select the archives to search. Narrow down your search there.

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